The Institute for Industrial Management (FIR) at RWTH Aachen University has the goal of researching innovative solutions for the digitally connected industrial company of the future and transferring them into business practice. For this purpose, about 60 scientific employees from interdisciplinary fields (e.g. engineering, economics, psychology) interact at FIR to offer research, consulting services and education for industrial companies. The FIR has strong competences in the area of customer-oriented market research and analysis and optimization of a service offering. In the INEIDT project, FIR is leading the development of a sustainable business model for all stakeholders in the Do It Together process. For the transfer of the results, the FIR has a national network to small and medium sized manufacturers from the furniture industry in Germany (especially machine manufacturers), the capacity to host and conduct trainings (both digital and physical) and through an associated demonstration factory an environment to conduct workshops and demonstrations.