An initial assessment phase will allow for characterisation of the skills gap and existing leaning units; a second phase will be dedicated to the design of the LP and the production of the e-modules during the first semester. The last phase will include the preparation, testing, and deployment of the trainings.

WP1 Project Management

WP dedicated to the supervision of the activities, quality monitoring and timing of projects results, including financial and administration management (budget monitoring, agreements, IP mgmt, revenue sharing negotiation), Financial Sustainability, KoM and progress meetings.

WP2 Communication and Dissemination

IIC will lead this WP, organising within the consortium the creation of the identity set, the distribution of targeted info. for events or social marketing campaigns and the promotion of DIT-EU activities. All partners will also contribute to dissemination actions including through EITM and CLCs events participation.

WP3 Initial Assessment

An initial assessment WP is proposed to refine the needs at individual and company level and define more precisely the skills gaps based on market research, identification of available and missing training materials to define the learning journeys outlines. The availability will be identified through:

  • The collection of all materials available from the H2020 INEDIT project which made initial materials to describe the DIT approach.
  • A deep analysis on the updated specifications of the DIT process made end of 2022 will be made to generate high end training materials. The collection of these are necessary and must be confronted to the existing e-modules on skills.move.
  • The collection of all online learning modules available on skills.move already covering the introduction to some parts of the DIT process. However, we can add a valuable collection of online learning courses to go further in the understanding of practical applications of these concepts, targeting reasoned, greener, and sustainable design and production. We will update the list of available e-modules to create meaningful learning platform.

WP4 Design of the Learning Paths

Based on the data aggregated from both INEDIT and skills.move, we will specify the missing online learning courses covering our topics of interest:

  • Make comprehensible the Do IT Together (DIT) process: from theory to implementation
  • Empower consumers and designers with interactive technologies: VR/AR can be used as means of creation or customization, as well as validation within immersive meetings soon standardized. Companies should also be trained on the environmental impact of such technologies.
  • Circular and environmental impact assessment (EIA) supporting the DIT ecosystem : manufacturers and technicians in the furniture sector need to be trained on the topic from the understanding of the general concept, its importance in business , how to perform an assessment, how to use its results in the current business. Consumers and designers need also to be aware on what EIA is, how to "read" any environmental-related data and evaluate the best producer, and which are the potential circular choices they can perform.
  • Innovative Business Models for DIT processes: From the perspective of the stakeholders, the LP serve to best integrate the wideranging INEDIT results into their own business. This includes the use of the INEDIT project e.g. for the monetization of sustainability in furniture production, the reduction of design costs for furniture by manufacturers, the fair compensation for IP in DIT processes and the support in the development of a business with designing furniture.
  • Technological Innovations on the machines supporting the DIT process: end-user has developed an innovative technology aimed at making machines more flexible and easier to use. This innovation makes it necessary to create training paths for personnel.

WP5 Development of the Online Learning Courses

The creation of the online learning courses will include the preparation, production, peer review and upload on the skills.move platform of all the missing online learning modules to complete our designed learning platform. In this WP, ENSAM will lead the organisation of meetings and workshops monitor the creation of the online learning modules.

WP6 Trainings Preparation

The WP6 is dedicated to the preparation, testing and deployment of a pilot training of the trainings and the testing before deployment. Based on the specified LP, end-user will lead: the identification of furniture producers that may be interested by the learning programmes; the identification of end-user internal personnel that may need the technical trainings. Local innovation networks and clusters will also be activated to host and/or offer conferences and learning sessions, presentations, and workshops. Peer review and pilot testing of the training programmes will be performed. Once the training programs are peer reviewed we will deploy and evaluate the pilots.