Industry Innovation Cluster is a group of highly engaged and proactive corporates established and operating in Slovakia. IIC aims to bring together companies that are leaders in the Slovak industry and want to move Slovakia forward in competitiveness and innovation. IIC is engaging actively with a wide range of stakeholders including SMEs, universities and entrepreneurs in various innovation projects. This gives IIC direct access to lead industrial stakeholders and the opportunity for joint development of innovation projects activities. 

Thus, IIC will support Communication and Dissemination activities, for example, targeted distribution of information, materials and guidelines, face-to-face workshops or social marketing campaigns, promotion of access to the guidelines through website, news and events (presentation, conferences, ), e-bulletins, email campaigns and newsletters to consumers. By cooperating with other partners we will ensure the visibility of the project through e.g. videos and campaigns; will share and publicise the project's objectives and results to relevant stakeholders (authorities, public, policy makers and scientific community).