Using Interactive Technologies in a Co-creation Process


Proud Moment: Successful Organization of "Using Interactive Technologies in a Co-creation Process" Training! 

Thrilled to share that our team successfully organized the "Using Interactive Technologies in a Co-creation Process" training, a pivotal event supporting professionals in the furniture and furnishings sector. As part of the DIT-EU project financed by the EIT Manufacturing, we were delighted to offer this training for free.

This specialized course, with a focus on bespoke furniture, empowers designers and manufacturers not only in the furniture industry to digitize their processes and elevate their businesses. The key highlight is the integration of interactive technologies to engage consumers actively in the design and review phases, fostering a collaborative and innovative environment.

A huge shoutout to the incredible team behind the scenes and all the enthusiastic participants who made this event a success. Your dedication to advancing the furniture industry through digital transformation is truly commendable.

Special thanks to our esteemed trainer, Benjamin Poussard, a research engineer at the Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology in Laval, France. Benjamin's expertise in 3D interactive technologies (XR) and his role in leading technology transfer since 2013 have been instrumental. He teaches Augmented Reality to Master's degree students at Arts et Métiers and has played a pivotal role in the development of XR technologies in "Do It Together" approaches.

Feeling inspired and ready to embrace the future of furniture design! 💡🚀